Hollywood South excitement spreads to Livingston Parish

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - The Baton Rouge Film Commission says this spring will be a busy time for what's now being called "Hollywood South". The latest movie is filming in Walker right now.

Sheriff's deputies stopping traffic, crews putting equipment together - the excitement of "Holly Rouge" has made its way to Livingston Parish.

"We saw the crews passing through, so we stopped by just to kind of see if we could get a glimpse of what's going on," said Livingston Parish resident Kristen Graves.

"Right here at the local grocery store, there's a film crew...I just can't believe it," said Kathy Booty, a Walker resident. "Everything's been happening in Baton Rouge for so long, and it's moving out here to this small community."

Harris's Grocery Store in Walker is one of many spots around the area being used to film a yet-to-be-named horror movie.

"The main character is Maria Bello. You've probably seen them around town. They were out here on Third Street yesterday....they're going to be spotted in several places, but they're wrapping February 28th," said Liza Kelso with the Baton Rouge Film Commission.

Kelso says these film and TV projects bring Hollywood dollars to the state, but she says it also connects Louisianans to the industry.

"They can see how the factory works, so to speak, see how efficient production is," said Kelso. "It adds to their own experience, and then they can decide if they actually want to go into film. We're working on things here to get more and more people involved."

"Now that everything's coming more this way, maybe people will stay closer to home knowing that they don't have to go to California or Hollywood to be that star. They can stay right here," said Kristen Graves.

Kelso says there are two other projects in the pre-production that she says both feature some rather famous Hollywood actors. To find out about roles as extras in any of these projects click here.

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