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Investigators continue to follow leads in NiShan Huff cold case

A Crime Stoppers flyer for NiShan Huff's unsolved case. (File/FOX Carolina) A Crime Stoppers flyer for NiShan Huff's unsolved case. (File/FOX Carolina)

On June 7, 2006 someone shot and killed NiShan Huff at the Boulder Creek Apartment Complex in Greenville County.

Huff was a former Greenville High School cheerleader and a graduate of Francis Marion University. But something happened inside apartment E-1 when a shooter somehow got inside and shot and killed her.

"I just want to know why? What did she do to deserve that?"asked Sacha Huff, NiShan Huff's mother. "What did she do to that person to make them want to do that to her?"

Now the yellow tape is gone and the mystery of what happened in apartment E-1 still haunts the Huff family.

"Sometimes I'll ride through there just to ride through," Sacha Huff said.

Each year, family and friends gather in front of the apartment and host a candle light vigil in NiShan Huff's honor. They pray someone comes forward with information.

"Let us know something let the investigators know something," Chicketa Huff Hamilton said.

Hamilton is NiShan Huff's sister.

"When we have a special event that happens in our lives or a different milestone that comes about. It's just like she's not there to share that joy with us," Hamilton said.

A cold case team is working the NiShan Huff case, and for the first time investigators are revealing exclusive information in the case.

"As recent as this month,we've had DNA evidence from the scene we've sent for analysis," Laura Campbell said.

Campbell is a spokeswoman with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. She said they often get leads in the case, but none have led to an arrest.

"The Boulder Creek Apartment community is very close knit. It's very highly populated. There were people around when this incident occurred," Campbell said. "What I do know is she was at the apartment alone. The boyfriend had left to run an errand for approximately 30 minutes."

Deputies said when he came back, he found Huff's body in the kitchen. Right now, investigators have a board of pictures who they call people of interest in the case.

"Our mission at this point is to find justice for her and we need the public's assistance to do that," Campbell said.

And Sacha Huff prays one day she'll get a call that there's been an arrest in the case. She said maybe then her family will find peace and can heal.

"Maybe it's God's way of saying, 'Well I'll settle it my way, don't worry about it. I've got it all under control,'" Sacha Huff said.

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