Public shows support for ousted chief

Former Police Chief Dewayne White
Former Police Chief Dewayne White

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A sour relationship between two community leaders was on display Monday at the Baton Rouge Council chambers.

"I have not disrespected you in one way or another," said Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden.

"No sir, neither have I," replied Dewayne White

"OK, so I just wanted to ask you to do the same," said Holden.

"Yes sir," said White.

White addressed allegations made against him by Mayor Holden's office one by one.

"I have been to I.A., have been to it many times. That is my job and I make no apologies for doing my job," said White.

In the end however, Mayor Holden upheld his previous decision to fire White leaving the situation far from resolved.

"I am absolutely persuaded and convinced that the recommendation of my chief administrative officer regarding his firing should be followed," said Holden.

Following the termination hearing, the venue included dramatic input from various members of the community in a town hall setting that quickly became an overwhelming show of support for White.

"He has helped me believe and trust in those who serve and protect again," said a local pastor.

"I was raised with Kip Holden. He lives in my community and I was raised with him and I voted for him. And I love Chief White because he's protecting my husband, protecting my son and he's making that police department a better police department," said a Scotlandville resident.

That responsibility will now fall on someone else's shoulders for the foreseeable future.

"He's cleaning up the riff raff and they don't like it. Like you said change, they don't like change they want the status quo," said a resident of Tigerland.

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