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Deputies arrest man for chain sawing, shooting neighbor's dog

Richmond County deputies arrested Pablo Chaves and charged him with animal cruelty, they say he shot a dog to death and then turned his chainsaw on his neighbor's pet.

"Disgusting, cruel, evil, you can't have a soul to do something like that to a dog," said Rolanda Jackson, the dog's owner.

Rolanda Jackson woke up to the news that Zuru, her pit bull mix, was brutally killed. Deputies blame the dog's death on her next door neighbor.

"He didn't even know the dog, like I said, we don't know them they don't know us. This is the first time we've seen his face," Jackson, said.

She says the only time she's seen Pablo Chaves, the man accused of killing her dog, is his mug shot.

According to an incident report, Chaves told deputies he shot the dog twice with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Deputies also found a chainsaw laying beside the dog with hair and blood in it; deputies say a large cut on the dog's neck matched the chainsaw.

Chaves had blood on his hands and legs, according to the report.

When we were speaking with the Chaves family we noticed there were still blood stains on the porch.

The family told Fox54 they wouldn't speak on camera but they did say the dog came into their yard and started attacking their dog and Chaves' wife.

Jackson said she doesn't believe her dog attacked them, "I don't see him doing anything like that. If he was and he was trying to defend himself, I can see that part but I don't see the part of him cutting the dog up.'"

Chaves never told deputies why he killed the dog. He also said he couldn't remember what happened after he shot the dog. In their report deputies described Chaves as angry and violent.

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