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3-year-old girl gets heart transplant on Valentine's day

Monica Lazo with her 3-year-old, Trinity Monica Lazo with her 3-year-old, Trinity

Valentine's day is all about giving and receiving candy, flowers, balloons and cards.

However, a 3-year-old girl got the best Valentine's gift of all.

A brand new heart.

Trinity Lazo was born with a heart defect which her surgeon, Dr. David Morales, describes as life threatening.

"She had something called Cardiomyopathy and that's a disease of actually the heart muscle itself in which the muscle cannot contract," explained Dr. Morales.

Trinity's mother, Monica, says she took the little girl to several different doctors, none of which gave her much hope.

"They had actually had a conference with our family and sat down and basically stated that every moment we had with our daughter from that point on was considered borrowed time," said Monica.

In December, Trinity was brought to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, where Dr. Morales says her condition worsened. 

"She became extremely sick and really needed to be on IV medicines in order to keep her heart functioning, to the point where she could survive," said Dr. Morales.

It took Trinity's doctor and a team of surgeons nine hours perform the surgery, which Monica says meant the difference between life and death for her 3-year-old.

"What is the greatest gift any family going through a tragedy can offer other families than offering them the chance to live, and that's what that donor family did for us," said Monica.

Trinity will remain at Cincinnati Children's for the next few weeks while taking a series of anti-rejection drugs during her recovery.

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