School bus goes into bayou after hitting house

MARINGOUIN, LA (WAFB) - A school bus carrying elementary children took a nose dive into a Maringouin bayou Thursday, in Iberville Parish. Twenty students were on board, four were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The bus driver, also works for the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office. They say there's a reason Goudet was banned from driving their units.

Emergency workers blocked sections of Highway 76 in Maringouin, as children were loaded in to ambulances. Children, who just moments before had to climb out of the back of their bus, that was stuck in the bayou.

"My son called....said somebody crashed into the house," said John Marsh. Marsh was not home at the time of the accident. But when he returned he found police cars in front of his house, a trail of tire tracks through his front yard and bricks scattered about.

Marsh says the driver, Mickey Goudet, told him the pedals of the bus got stuck and he wasn't able to take the curve.

Maringouin police ticketed Goudet for failure to maintain control.

"He drives too fast," said Clyde Scott, a father of two children who ride the bus.

Several parents here say Goudet is not always in control behind the wheel.

"Our kids were in car with us and he liked to hit us head on one time in a curve," said Recca Graves.

"He hit the pole one morning, I'm assuming he was tired and he hit the pole," said Tara Ashford, a grandparent.

Until August ,1 2012, Goudet was a patrol deputy with the Iberville Sheriff's Office. They say, in a period of 11 days - July 15, 25 and 26 - Goudet was involved in three separate accidents. Things like backing into parked cars. We're told the department considered that enough carelessness and moved him to dispatch.

They say Goudet was still in his dispatch uniform Thursday morning, while driving the bus. After a twelve hour shift, they say Goudet got off at 6:00 a.m. and started his bus route.

"He took this curve going too fast, that's the problem, need to slow down," said Mark Smith. "He was running late apparently."

Several parents say they've complained to the Iberville School Board about the bus driver, but nothing has ever been done.

As for Marsh, he's now left to clean up the corner of his house - where his grandsons room is.

"He's 12, and that's the bedroom he sleeps in. Probably won't want to sleep there no more," Marsh said.

The Iberville School Superintendent says he had no idea about Goudet's history with the accidents at the sheriff's office. He says while they are inspecting the breaks on the bus, Goudet will not be allowed to drive while they investigate.

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