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Chief Craig on ex-LA cop: He is not a hero

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig
Christopher Dorner Christopher Dorner

Cincinnati Police Chief James Craig served 28 years on the Los Angeles Police Department. He had a personal connect with Christopher Dorner and intimate knowledge of his case.

"I was his commanding officer for a short time," said Craig. "Some viewed this ex-LAPD felon as hero because they looked at him as fighting a fight. There is no justification for cold-blooded killing."

Dorner is accused of killing four people, including two police officers and was a fugitive for ten days before engaging in a gun fight with officers at a cabin in the California mountains.

"For people to line up and suggest that he's a victim and that his actions were in some strange way appropriate, is absolutely wrong. He is not a hero. I hate to even admit that he was even part of the LAPD," said Craig.

Dorner posted an 11-page manifesto on Facebook and threatened several people, including law enforcement officials. "I [had] some concerns. Not direct," said Craig. "I was more concerned about family that still resides in Los Angeles."

Dorner, who was fired from the LA police force, is accused of targeting the family of the officer who represented him at his appeal.

"And because you don't agree with the outcome, because you feel you lost, you take the life of his children?" Asked Craig. "But yet some would attach hero status to that even here in Cincinnati? I have a problem with that. "

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