Livingston Council to come up with parish priority road list

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - It's a list Livingston Parish residents wait for every year, the list of roads that will be repaired. At Thursday's council meeting, council members will offer up roads in their districts that need to be fixed. One councilman says there's one road in particular that needs attention in his district.

Dangerous curve signs and flashing caution lights are fairly new additions to South Satsuma Road. But neighbors who live along the 90 degree curve have long been concerned about cars speeding by. One neighbor recalls a motorcycle driving around the curve too fast. She says the driver flew and ended up in the ditch and the motorcycle turned over in the street.

Councilman Chance Parent is determined to add South Satsuma to the parish road priority list, along with few others.

"Areas around the old courthouse that are in bad shape," Parent said. "Courtney Road is another highly traveled road that's falling apart that I want to get squared away."

For now, South Satsuma - a road that sees more than 11,500 cars daily, is his priority.

Parent says a roundabout can be put in to replace the 90 degree curve on the road. Federal funds would cover much of the cost, with the parish putting up some money as well.

"Probably a $400,000 construction cost for the roundabout itself. Parish matches about $100,000."

Parish President Layton Ricks says whatever roads go on the priority list, its possible some will stay there for two or three years, before each and every one can be done.

"Paved, overlaid, potholes filled. Whatever kind of maintenance they need on roads," Ricks said.

Ricks says the parish should have between two and three million dollars to spend on the roads. He says last year they had the same amount of money and were able to fix 27 roads.

Most of the council agrees they'll spend the money in the places that affect the most people.

"We should be able to get a lot of asphalt on the ground this year," said Parent.

The money for those projects comes from the parish road tax plus funds from the state transportation program. The council hopes to have its list narrowed down at Thursday night's meeting.

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