Southdowns parade krewe prepares to roll

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - In just a few hours, the 26th annual Southdowns parade will roll through the streets of Baton Rouge. This year's "Time Machine" themed parade will feature 22 highly creative floats and tons of fun for the community.

Food, power tools and lots of glitter--- everything the Loose Krewe uses each year to get ready to roll in the Southdowns carnival parade.

"We're kind of a seat of the it all the last day kind of krewe, and that's why they call us the "Loose Krewe"," said Renee Major, Float Captain of the Loose Krewe.

Major says for the 26 years Southdowns has been in existence, she and her float-mates have played things by ear when it comes to preparing for their big night.

"We never decide too early what we're going to do because we change our minds to much," said Major. "So really this is more's work, but we really enjoy it. "

While the Loose Krewe spends the day glittering, drilling and sawing, one of Southdowns founders Dr. Will Gladney is making sure the king's float is ready to lead the parade.

"We've done out glittering. But mostly it's the command and control and coordination of the parade. There's still a whole lot of loose ends, but we put all 300 pieces of the puzzle, just about, together by this point so we'll be ready tonight," said Gladney.

Gladney says construction on the parade's traditional route was a concern earlier this month, but everything is under control now.

"We're going to take a left on Stanford instead of going down Cloverdale. So we feel like we'll be closer to our friends on Cloverdale," said Gladney. "They can see us. And we'll end at our traditional spot at that Claitor's parking lot.

Gladney says he is proud his parade has rolled nearly 3 decades bringing carnival fun to the streets of the Capital City.

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