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Contact 9: Homeowner haunted by unfinished home repairs

Ivone Sparacino points out water damage in her home Ivone Sparacino points out water damage in her home

A few small leaks have turned into a nightmare for a Gonzales homeowner. She hired a contractor to make the repairs. But when the water started creeping in, again, she Contacted 9.

When Hurricane Isaac made its way toward Louisiana in August 2012, Ivone Sparacino and her three children were huddled up inside her small mobile home for what she described as one wild ride.

"A lot of wind, a lot of rain, just a lot of chaos in here," Sparacino said.

Her home still bears the markings of storm damage. But it shouldn't. Sparacino said she hired Gene Morang of LA Remodeling & Handyman to replace her roof.

"He sounded so professional on the phone."

According to receipts from LA Remodeling, Sparacino paid the company a total of $3,800 to cover the roof, a new storm door and other supplies needed to do the job. Sparacino said Morang and his crew replaced the roof on December 13, 2012.

She said, a month later, "I noticed when I went in my bathroom and I looked up on that Saturday at the ceiling I said, oh my God it's leaking."

Sparacino said that was the beginning of what has become a bigger problem. She added, Morang still hadn't delivered on his promise to install a new storm door.

"I just had this wall replaced and that cost me $2,400 and it looks like I'm going to have to redo that wall again."

The homeowner said Morang told her he would come take a look but, she said, he never showed.

"He's not even fit to do a dog house. He's not reliable. He's a liar. That's why I contacted channel nine."

Morang declined an on camera interview told 9News over the phone, he stands behind his work, and that the recurring leaks are likely linked to a defect by the mobile home manufacturer.

While Morang agreed the roof did need to be replaced, he said, a "J Channel" that is supposed to serve as a buffer between the vinyl siding and the roof is missing. He believes that is why water continues to trickle inside Sparacino's home.

Sparacino wants Morang to give her a refund so she can hire someone else to make the necessary repairs.

"I'm still getting water in my house, and I paid him all that money for nothing."

Morang told 9News he is not willing to refund the homeowner the full amount. But, he said, he will give her the $500 for the storm door he did not install.

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