No funding to repair holey bridges in MS

CENTREVILLE, MS (WAFB) - Imagine looking out the window of the car you're in and on the road below, you see holes; big, deep holes in a bridge through which you can see the water below.

People are driving across such a bridge every day in Centreville, Mississippi.

The bridge is on Ancil Cox Road. It sits about 25 feet over Thompson Creek and it's roughly 75 yards in length, but it has a very big problem.

"Then these holes started coming in the last two years something like that," said driver Corine Banks.

The holes on the bridge are a menace to drivers like Banks, who have to dodge eight of them on a daily basis. To make things worse, the bridge also has no guard rails, which makes it much easier for one of the holes to sling a car into the creek.

"I travel this way a lot to go to Woodville but then I get concerned about it coming across and my grandson comes across to go to work," said Banks.

WAFB 9News spoke with the Wilkinson County First District Supervisor Will Seal about the bridge. He says the county simply does not have the funds to repair the bridge and others like it that are also in need of repair.

Corine Banks has also talked with Seal and she got a similar response. "He says he don't have no money he said there's no money to fix it with," said Banks.

So, with no real answers to the problem, residents of the Centreville, MS area will have to deal with the holes in the bridge.

Superintendent Seal also says he will continue to petition Jackson, MS to get the necessary funds to fix the bridge.

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