Viewpoint: February 5, 2013

It was without question an amazing Super Bowl week in New Orleans, a shining moment for our entire region. Tens of thousands of visitors enjoying our food and our culture, with many vowing to return to Louisiana.

It was close to perfect, had it not been for the 34-minute power outage in the Superdome. And, some critics were quick to focus on those 34 minutes as opposed to an entire week of rave reviews.

One writer for Forbes called it a black-eye for NFL operations and went on to say New Orleans might not get another Super Bowl without a new stadium. But, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell quickly dispelled that notion, saying it would not hurt the city's chances for future Super Bowls.

While we may not always agree with the commissioner, we're taking him at his word. Thousands of people were involved in making this one of the greatest Super Bowl weeks ever. The blackout, while unfortunate, shouldn't darken our chances for a repeat.