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Flagstaff road fixes: Teenage doodles or real thing?

One of the so-called road patches One of the so-called road patches

Winter weather is in full swing in Flagstaff, which means repair crews have their work cut out for them fixing roads.

But CBS 5 News heard about some so-called fixes that look more like teenage doodles than the real deal.

"Well, our roads are kind of worn out," said Flagstaff resident Joan Seff. "They have a lot of cracks and they just are in need of repair." 

What people wouldn't expect to see is, mixed among the actual road cracks being filled, the word "Bobby" or a giant eyeball, made with the crack fill material.

Coconino County Public Works is responsible for fixing the roads in this neighborhood.

CBS 5 News wanted find out what is going on.

"We're a professional organization and we pride ourselves on the work that we do," said Coconino County public works director Andy Bertelsen.

CBS 5 News asked him if he's thinks it's professional to write names on the street with the product.

"We're investigating the situation," Bertelsen said. "If indeed our employees are responsible for any of those types of behaviors, we'll certainly hold them accountable."

The county said they're looking into that problem.

But CBS 5 News found another one while checking out that road work.

"I was just there, I looked at it," Bertelsen said. "You can see pretty deep into the crack.  Again, the weather patterns that we have, the freeze-thaw cycles here in the North Country and that's the nature of pavement."

Bertelsen wouldn't give CBS 5 News a straight answer about what's being done to fix this problem right now.

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