Officials name 4 suspects in 2010 Addis murder

Corey Kitts
Corey Kitts

ADDIS, LA (WAFB) - Suspects have been named in the investigation into a murder investigation from 2010.

The district attorney's office in West Baton Rouge Parish said the suspects are connected to the murder of Corey Kitts, 45, of Addis.

One of the suspects is his wife, Monique Kitts, 43. The others are David Johnson, 37, Karl Howard, 29, and Corey Knox, 28. The case will go before the grand jury on March 5.

Kitts was found dead in his home in July 9, 2010. According to the Addis Police Department, he was shot three times at point-blank range in his bedroom. Police Chief Ricky Anderson said he believes Kitts was asleep when he was shot.

His wife and daughter reported finding him dead. Reports indicate nothing was stolen from the home.

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