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Clifton residents anxiously await renovated grocery

Old Keller's IGA Old Keller's IGA

The owner of a Clifton grocery store has finally received a loan to renovate the business.

The old Keller's IGA has been closed since January of 2011.

FOX19 has learned that the property owner, Steve Goessling, received a $1.89 million construction loan for a new store.

The renamed "Clifton Gaslight Market" will have 20,000 products including a bakery, organic food section, and a large wine and beer selection.

For area residents like Steven Rose, the store can't open soon enough.

"This is a great neighborhood to live in. It would be perfect with that grocery store,"said Rose.

Veronica Moore says she walks or bikes everywhere and having a neighborhood grocer is convenient. 

"It just creates a family atmosphere in the neighborhood. We need the fresh produce especially, and we just miss having one," revealed Moore.

Jo Taylor conveyed having a local grocer brings a sense of community.

"It's just more of a way of life that I enjoyed, you know, coming up here and having the library, the post office and grocery store, all those things right here together," said Taylor.

Goessling believes the renovation will take about four months. 

"We're thinking 110, 120 days construction before it's in a position where we're going to put new merchandise into the store. Optimistically, I don't have a calendar in front of me, but we're certainly shooting for Memorial day. Maybe ten days before Memorial weekend."

Bob Doll, owner of the Proud Rooster restaurant, says the grocery store will bring "a lot more walk in business" and "more people in Clifton," helping other area stores.

Ludlow Wines owner Mike Anagnostou says he's looking forward to the store reopening.

"We're going to have a complete business district now. We're going to have a grocery store. We have a hardware store and a pharmacy all within two city blocks of each other. "

Store officials say construction could start as soon as next week.

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