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White Water moves forward; water fills wave shaper

The sound of rushing rapids is like music to 16-year-old Hunter Katich's ears.

He is a free-style kayak junior world cup champ that lives in Auburn. Katich says having these rapids so close to home is like a dream come true.

"I can come out here after my studies and come out here practice my moves, left, right, it's definitely great to have a hole you can count on 24-7" Katich said. 

He's excited about tackling the new rafting course on the Chattahoochee. Thursday he and several other paddlers braved the fresh rapids. 

"It was a little rough, a little shallow but it was a lot of fun that's for sure, it's really fast and really retentive right now," Katich said. 

For the first time ever water flowed into the wave shaper, filling up the Georgia channel. 

"Of course this is primarily an environmental project but we've spent a lot of money right here to try to create a really special wave feature,' John Turner said. 

Whitewater visionary John Turner says that this is only the beginning of the many exciting things to come as the rest of the Eagle & Phenix and City Mills dams come down.

"The river has always been critical to this city, I mean it is the reason we are here and I think it's going to be a really vital economic engine for the future as well too," Turner said.

Though it might be different from what Hunter Katich is used to, he says the rapids prove to be something he looks forward to taking full advantage of.

"It's a little bit fast compared to what I normally compete in but some kind of competition are similar to that wave right there," Katich said.

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