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SPECIAL REPORT: Party protection tips for Big Game on Sunday

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The two best teams in the NFL go head to head on Sunday and with the big game comes big parties, but before kickoff make sure your game plan is in place.

Susan Carter with J. Smith Lanier and Company said having personal liability insurance is a must when throwing celebrations at a home.

She explained, "Most people think about their personal property. If they buy a big TV for the super bowl, but they don't think about feeding somebody something that's not good or people tripping and falling. We've had decks collapse where the whole party fell down. Just a lot of things that can happen that you just don't think about."

Jim Angleton knows all too well because a couple of years ago, a guest got into a post-game fender bender.

He said, "They actually had some medications and they had a little bit too much to drink." '

Carter commented, "A lot of people don't realize if you give someone too much to drink and they go home and on their way home if they have an accident yes they are going to be liable for it because they caused the wreck. If they found out that they came from a party and you furnished them liquor then you could be help liable too."

Now Angleton is covered if there's a fumble with alcohol or food.

Without liability insurance a person could be responsible for things like lawyer's fees, lost wages, medical bills, even wrongful death claims.

Most homeowners or renters insurance policies include liability coverage.

Carter says the minimum is $100,000 but for a few bucks you can bump it up to protect you even more.

She said often, people can get beyond what you have in liability and they can attack your assets and sue for future earnings.

A person can also buy an umbrella policy that gives he or she a million dollars or more liability insurance.

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