Edmonson attends meetings on mass shootings preparedness

Col. Mike Edmonson
Col. Mike Edmonson

WASHINGTON, DC (WAFB) - Gun control remains a heated topic on Capitol Hill, which is where the superintendent of the Louisiana State Police was Tuesday night.

Col. Mike Edmonson met with law enforcement agents from all over the country, including first responders to the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora movie theater and Columbine tragedies.

Edmonson said they discussed just how prepared the rest of the country is to deal with horrible tragedies like we've seen in recent years.

In a phone interview Wednesday morning, he said he feels Louisiana is ahead of the curve.

"All the debates going on about gun control, those types of things that's important to have that, but more important thing is to sit down in Louisiana," he explained. "Sheriffs, chiefs and state police and we talk every day about what's going on. We're very proactive. We believe in partnership and that's where the public wins."

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