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Suspected Delhi rapist jailed on 21 felony counts

Flyer from the crime, Tony Pippin Flyer from the crime, Tony Pippin

A man wanted for the rape or attempted rape of multiple Hamilton County women was indicted on 21 charges on Monday.

Tony Pippin, 39, has been in jail since Dec. 16. He is scheduled to have a video arraignment on Thursday morning.

"Tony Pippin, who can only be described as a piece of human garbage," said Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Deters. "We have our guy."

Authorities believe he is the Delhi rapist, a man who had been targeting female patrons of a White Oak bar.

In April of 2012, a Delhi Township woman was robbed and attacked after leaving the Knotty Pine bar. Months later, a woman who had been at the same bar was attacked in August. Pippin was charged with attempted rape in both of those instances.

In September, a third woman after leaving the bar was raped by a male suspect.

"He is a very dangerous human being and his behavior was escalating," added Deters.

Officers say the cases instantly bared resemblance to each other; all three had been targeted at their homes after leaving the same bar.

At the press conference on Monday, Deters said that Pippin followed each of the women home, robbed them and then raped them, or attempted to, at gunpoint.

To identify him, police used victim descriptions, two sketches and descriptions of his vehicle.

For months, authorities say they'd been following Pippin. They even had undercover female officers on the case.

Additionally, a search warrant was obtained and a GPS tracking device was placed on his car.

Pippin was jailed on December 16th after he reportedly pistol whipped a woman at a bar who was accusing him of being the Delhi rapist.

Deters said it was a coincidence that two victims lived in Delhi.

Once he was behind bars, officers say they used the small amount of DNA they got from the first victim to tie the cases together. Pippin's DNA was on record because he had contacted the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and requested to be a confidential informant.

At that time, he voluntarily gave a DNA sample.

The prosecutor says investigators were able to pull surveillance footage from area gas stations to show Pippin in his car, following the victims home.

"We have removed a very dangerous individual from this community," added Deters.

Once in custody, his cell phone was seized. As a result, police discovered the fourth victim, a 15-year-old girl who he knew through an acquaintance. Officers believe Pippin drugged the girl to videotape her performing sexual acts.

"I mean this is a despicable human being," said Deters. "And he needs to go away forever."

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