Candlelight Vigil for Peace held to target local violence

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - War, crime, abuse and prejudice are just a few examples of violence parishioners at St. Jude Catholic Church hoped to address Sunday night as they came together for a Candle Light Vigil for Peace.

Candles were lit one by one as words and songs of peace were shared hoping to sound off in one unified voice against violence in any form.

"As a community we wanted to something tonight but we didn't want it to be just gun violence. We wanted to try to help create awareness that we're called to bring peace and hope wherever we go," said Father Trey Nelson.

"I think it's important that people see peace around them and that they recognize that not everyone has violence going on and they focus on better things in community," added Sarah Sicard.

Better things these parishioners say can begin with just one act of kindness from anyone at any time.

"I think it has to start locally and it's not going to happen all at once because the world's really big but if it starts in a community then it can start to grow and bring peace to more areas," said Megan Littleton.

A vision that Father Nelson realizes is no easy task but one he believes can be made easier if people understand they have someone nearby

"We really want people here whether they're old or really, really young to feel they're not alone and we're going to stand together and be hope in darkness," said Nelson.

According to the Catholic Commentator, St. Jude is one of the first catholic churches in the region to plan an anti-violence vigil since the school shooting in Connecticut.

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