Viewpoint: January 25, 2013

It's the biggest sporting event in the world and now that the teams have been set all eyes are on New Orleans and south Louisiana as anticipation builds for Super Bowl XXLVII.

A UNO study says the economic impact to New Orleans will be over $400 million, everything from hotels to restaurants to mom-and-pop shops. And, New Orleans isn't alone. Baton Rouge stands to cash in on the big game as well. In what is typically a slow time for tourism here, our hotels are expected to be full with Super Bowl visitors. There will be shuttles taking people to and from New Orleans. And, the city is hosting Super Bowl Fan Fest downtown showcasing Baton Rouge area bands and local talent.

Tourism leaders say Baton Rouge could see a $20 million impact. So while the big game is being played in New Orleans, the Super Bowl is a unique opportunity for our entire region to shine and show the rest of the world what Louisiana culture is all about.