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Roby: It's time for the Senate to pass a budget

U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) voted Wednesday to pass a House bill to extend the nation's debt ceiling, saying it was time for the Senate to pass "a real, responsible budget for the U.S. government after four years of failing to do so." Roby was among 6 Alabama representatives to vote for the measure. Only Rep. Mo Brooks voted against the measure.

"Families do it. State legislatures do it. City councils do it. Even student councils do it. Yet, for four years the Senate has failed to pass a budget," Rep. Roby said. "It's beyond irresponsible; it's downright reckless, and it ends now." 

Today's bill, which passed with broad bi-partisan support, includes a short-term extension of the debt limit to pay for already-incurred spending and give House and Senate leaders time to pass an operating budget. The end goal of the House-passed bill is to force the Democratic-led Senate to pass, as Rep. Roby put it, "a realistic, responsible budget." 

"If they do not, if they fail to pass a budget, then they - the Senate - will be threatening the full faith and credit of the United States," Roby said. "No more long-term increases in the debt limit without meaningful and responsible reductions in government spending. No more kicking the can down the road. No more operating without a budget. We will hold the president and his Senate accountable for their failures on the budget, beginning today. It's time for the Democratic-controlled Senate to do its job, and pass a budget." 

A video of Rep. Roby's complete comments on the issue can be viewed here: [link

INFORMATION SOURCE: Rep. Martha Roby's press office.

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