Officials discover animal abuse on property in Amite

AMITE, LA (WAFB) - Randy Stegall and his staff unloaded nine horses and one donkey at the Tangipahoa Humane Society in Hammond Tuesday night after the animals were seized from a local property in Amite.

The horses, a number of which showing signs of malnourishment, were taken after other dead and abandoned horses were discovered on the property.

"We were able to find three dead carcasses that were fresh and we will be able use them for charges," said Stegall, who is President of the Tangipahoa Humane Society.

Charges will most likely be levied against Kevin James, 34, of Amite. James told officials he acquired many of the horses three months ago already in rough shape, but according to Stegall, there was no denying the numerous examples of cruelty and neglect.

"We had approximately seven or eight skeletons on the property so you're looking at over a period of time that seven, eight or nine horses that have died on that property," said Stegall.

According to the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office, the investigation continues but a spokesman says James faces a number of aggravated cruelty charges. As to what those charges will be, Stegall says his staff will just wait and see.

"We'll just let the district attorney's office and the judges make the decisions on what the final outcome is on it," added Stegall.

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