Suspect in pharmacy robbery may have robbed another area store

Ray Charles Hayes
Ray Charles Hayes

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - A Port Allen man walked into a pharmacy in Brusly on Monday night with a laundry list of demands.  Police say it was chaos. And before it ended in his death, he jeopardized the life of a woman and threatened many others in his attempt to get away. Police now believe he's behind another pharmacy robbery in the area.

Bourg's Pharmacy in Port Allen, is one of those places where everybody knows everybody. But now there are some employees there that may question those they don't know. That's because earlier this month on January 9th, just minutes before closing, a masked man came in.

"Come in the front door and told us all to get on the floor. Demanded drugs and money. He tied us up and left out the back door; Told us not to get up 'til five minutes after he left," said an employee who asked we hide her identity.

Monday, it happened for the second time in two weeks and investigators say it may have been the same man.

Brusly Police Chief Jamie Whaley says Ray Charles Hayes, 50, is probably that man because of the robbery at Noah's Pharmacy happened.

Police say Hayes went to Noah's around noon on Monday, to order a prescription but came back after six, wearing a ski mask - with a gun. Inside he forced most everyone to the ground, tied them up with duct tape, and instructed the pharmacist to lock the door and handed over a note demanding a shopping list of drugs.

"Hydrocone, Loritabs - 10 mg blue. Oxycodone, Roxycodone - 30 mg small blue, plus 15 mg. Dilaudid brand, not generic 8 mg brown. Xanex bars 2 mg, Viagra for men, Promethazine with Codine, the purple ones," said Whaley, reading off the list.

Whaley says pharmacy robberies have recently become a problem because of the value of certain drugs.

He added, Hayes was no stranger to robbery and other violent crimes.

"From the looks of his rap sheet, he's done armed robbery after armed robbery over the years. Conspiracy to commit armed robbery, possession of fire arms - looks like he's done two stints in prison," Whaley said.

In all, 23 crimes are on Hayes record, including nine prison stays, two of those at Angola.

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