Artist creates sculpture from pieces picked up after fire

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - A lightning storm in August 2010 struck a Zachary, LA home and left the Pourciau family to pick up the pieces. Sam and her family were on vacation when the disaster struck their family.

The house was destroyed and the family was devastated.

Sam and her husband Dusty took the next few months to go through the rubble, picking out pieces they could recognize. They put the pieces in boxes.

"With a fire it's a loss of your family's history," says Pourciau. "To lose the history of your children is the hardest thing about it," she said.

So Pourciau gathered up all of what was left and took it to metal artist Joseph Jilbert. "They wanted to do something that would bring the family back together so they brought me a few buckets of their collectable's: Silverware, knives, forks, an old shot gun," says Jilbert.

Jilbert reconstructed those items into a metal Pelican rising out of the fire.

"It's beautiful, says Pourciau who saw the piece for the first time Monday afternoon at Jilberts studio.  She plans on putting it outside of their new home as a reminder of their former life that was torn apart by fire two and a half years ago.

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