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Scalpers hope to get rid of bad name at NFC Championship game


Sunday's NFC Championship game had everyone wanting to get their hands on a pair of tickets, and that had scalpers out in full force.

You see them on just about every corner of the dome, and even out near the interstate. That's because as the clock starts ticking down to kickoff, fans often get desperate.

Carl Sigman bought tickets on his way into the dome. "When a game is sold out, if you don't have somebody you know with tickets, you gotta buy from someone you don't know," said Sigman.

But that's not always a bad thing because you can catch a pretty good deal if you have a group you can trust.

Chris Flemister has been selling tickets on Northside Drive near the interstate for years. "We know these people, we know they are season ticket holders and we know the tickets are legit. We scrutinize everybody else," said Flemister.

His partner, Deon Linley, has been doing it even longer. "Here we are getting ready to conduct some business and conduct it legitimately and therefore everything is OK for me and for everybody else," said Linley.

But that's not how everybody does it. There are a lot of crooks out there too.

"Counterfeit tickets and counterfeit money not only hurts our business, but has destroyed Atlanta," said Linley.

They hate it so much they had no problem giving us a few tips on how to spot someone shady, like asking to see the seller's ID or asking them to pose for a picture.

"There's a lot of stuff you can do. The people who doing something they shouldn't be doing will be like, 'No that's alright, I'll just hold them for someone else. I don't want you doing what you doing,'" said Flemister.

This group had no problem being on camera. In fact, they liked it. "I do everything. They can get a DNA sample if they want to. I just want to make sure they get in the game," said Flemister.

And if the price is right, customers couldn't be happier.

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