Gov. Jindal executive counsel resigns after 3 months

Gary Graphia
Gary Graphia

The top lawyer for Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration has resigned from the job after only three months.

The Republican governor's office announced Friday that Gary Graphia is leaving the position of executive counsel that he took in October.

Jindal's office said Graphia didn't write a resignation letter. The governor's spokesman Kyle Plotkin says Graphia wanted to pursue job opportunities in the private sector. Jindal announced his replacement while thanking Graphia for his service.

The governor's new executive counsel will be Thomas Enright, who assumes the position on Feb. 4.

Enright previously worked as the executive counsel for the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and as deputy secretary for the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. Before that, Enright worked in the attorney general's office from 1997 to 2008.

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