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Happy ending for puppy found in dumpster


Who would literally throw a puppy away? That's what a local woman wants to know, after finding a pit bull puppy mix abandoned in a dumpster in Keithville.

Delilah Brewer says she and a co-worker heard whining coming from the trash receptacle behind ArkLaTex Water Gardens in the 9000 block of Mansfield Road Thursday morning. When they lifted the lid, there was the frightened, skinny pup - not more than 5 or 6 months old.

The discovery left her wondering why someone wouldn't just take the unwanted animal to the pound. "It's just hard to believe that people can do that to a dog," says Brewer.

Brewer says the pup had numerous scars and scratches, and thinks the pit bull may have been used for dog fights.

The tale of the tossed away puppy has a happy ending, however. Brewer says she's decided to take the little dog home and keep her. She says she's named her Chancie.

The next stop for Chancie: A visit to the vet to be checked out.

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