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Psychologist: Obama wants tattle tales

Dr. Bruce McCormick, medical psychologist Dr. Bruce McCormick, medical psychologist

One of President Obama's executive orders meant to curb gun violence caught the attention of health care professionals. The order states "Clarify that no federal law prohibits doctors or other health care providers from contacting authorities when patients threaten to use violence."

Medical psychologist, Dr. Bruce McCormick says there are already state laws in place that tell healthcare professionals when to report a patient's intent to use violence. He says if and when to report it, is their discretion, and each health care professional considers several factors.

McCormick believes the President's order is misleading, confusing, and unnecessary. 

"It sounded to me as though he was saying mental health professionals are going to need to be tattle tales," said Dr. McCormick.

U.S. Representative John Fleming takes issue with all of the executive orders, questioning their relevance.

"I can't say that any single one of them has any importance or impact. It's more like he's showing the people that he's doing something," said Fleming.

As a physician Fleming takes issue with the federal government becoming a third party to the doctor/patient relationship.

Fleming says discussing gun ownership with a patient is inappropriate, and goes on to say, "The next logical question is will physicians be required, through their electronic medical records [and] under Obamacare to then report those."  

One executive order does catch the eye of both Representative Fleming and Dr. McCormick the order that puts an emphasis on mental health care.

Fleming points out that all of the recent mass shootings involved someone who was mentally ill.

Dr. McCormick points out more mental health resources are needed.

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