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How to avoid fake Falcons tickets


Tickets to the NFC Championship game on Sunday are the hot item this week, but make sure they're real before you buy.

Playoff football can bring out the best in some people but it can also bring out the worst.

Ian Cannell is the sales manager at Empire Tickets.

"When you get a big event like this it's like printing $100 bills. It's a lot easier and quicker to do," said Cannell.

And Atlanta has a history of being one of the worst offenders.

"The counterfeit ticket problem, it's not only in Atlanta but Atlanta has seen its fair share of problems in the past," said Cannell.

To protect yourself the best thing you can do is know and trust who you're buying from.

The Falcons are urging fans to buy through the NFL Ticket Exchange, but secondary brokers like Empire Tickets are good too because they have a lot to lose if they sell a fake.

"We do all the hard work to make sure the tickets are genuine," said Cannell.

If you want to chance it and buy from a stranger, check out what you're buying first. The electronic tickets should have the original buyer's name on it, so if it doesn't match up that could be a red flag.

As for the NFL ticket, there are three raised emblems on the front you should be able to feel, and don't forget about the back.

Jim Smith is the Senior Vice President of Sales for the Falcons.

"Many times the printer will only focus on the front and the back will be smudged or unclear. That is definitely a tell the ticket is counterfeit," said Smith.

If everything checks out and you're ready to pull the trigger and buy, don't use cash.

"Definitely use a credit card when purchasing so you can go back to the credit card company and stop payment or get a refund while you're working it out through source you bought tickets from. Don't use cash or money order at anytime because you will never have a chance to go back and recover anything you might lose," said Smith.

Cannell said if it's too good to be true, it probably is. You can test it by comparing prices with a website you can trust. If the price is a lot cheaper than the average rate, Cannell said it's probably a fake.

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