Obama’s gun control plan not fully embraced by law enforcement

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - President Obama's gun control initiative has sparked much debate. Louisiana's top lawman, State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson says President Obama's plan has some quality talking points. But he says the state already has some of those areas covered.

"I think you have to be really careful to have a knee jerk response to an awful situation that happened in Connecticut," says Edmonson. "You sit there and you look at the different things to be able to say lets limit the amount of ammo someone has. Well it just means they have multiple magazines."

Edmonson says some of the items on the President's list may sound good but are in reality not very practical.

Over at the Louisiana Sheriff's Association, Mike Ranatza says his membership has not had an opportunity to digest the President's gun control plan. He has, however, discussed the situation with staff and he says the President's plan might sound good but he wants the particulars. "The detail is what we're more interested in and we're more interested as an association in a long term solution," says Ranatza.

Edmonson, who talked to the Connecticut State Police Chief on Wednesday, says when you look at the Middletown incident, the school did what it was supposed to do. The building was already on lockdown when the gunman shot his way in. He says the state of Louisiana has good plans in place; we just need to execute them correctly. "We do a lot of really good things. Why don't we make sure were doing them all well," says Edmonson.

Edmonson will testify in front of the State House of Representatives Select Committee on Homeland Security on Thursday at the Capitol.

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