Locals react to proposed legislation on gun control

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - President Barack Obama's proposed legislation on gun control was the hot topic at lunch tables and even bookstores across the Capital City.

The plan to limit the manufacturing of military type guns and ammunition, and strengthen backgrounds checks on gun buyers has struck a chord with some gun owners.

Co-owner of Precision Firearms, Wade Duty, said he is concerned those who did nothing wrong will be punished.

"You can't legislate crazy. So working on the instrumentality as opposed to focusing on the individual actors, all of our customers are in universal agreement that that's not the right approach," Duty said.

Gun owners are worried about the long term availability of particular products.

While the President isn't talking about total ban, a lot of folks said they wouldn't necessarily be against it.

"People deserve the right to carry a firearm but I don't think most people need to carry an AK assault rifle or any kind of heavy duty gun like that. A pistol is more than enough to defend yourself," Braydon Bergeron said.

"There's no reason for a 30 round magazine clip in the hands of a citizen or available to citizens for use," Clarence Saizon Jr. said.

"They can ban assault rifles as far as I'm concerned. We don't need them. I don't know why anybody needs them," Gary Zieman said.

Duty and gun owners who use long barrel hardware to hunt believe congress needs to instead consider a plan that zeros in on the bad guys.

"Keeping mind we have inventory of roughly three to 400 million firearms in America. Unless you're talking going door to door confiscation, it doesn't change the availability. They should work on up channeling mental health information so that people who have issues are identified sooner," Duty said.

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