Cemeteries challenged by wet weather

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - Mother Nature is once again making life miserable for residents throughout our area but it's also impacting many in death.

"Once it dries, we're going to come in and level it out," said Hope Haven Cemetery owner Ronnie Rodrigue.

Rodrigue has owned Hope Haven in Gonzales for more than 20 years and can only remember a handful of times heavy rains have prevented he and his workers from digging and filling in grave sites.

"You're talking a lot of heavy equipment. These vaults each weighs a ton so just putting them in the area it's hard to do," added Rodrigue.

Instead, families who have chosen underground burial say goodbye and then wait, hoping the rains will subside and their family members can be laid to rest.

"Some want to come back and see it, some just want us to let them know when it's done," said Rodrigue.

One the big challenges for Hope Haven and other cemeteries in the area is that while vaults sit waiting to be put into the ground, new families arrive daily looking for closure.

"It definitely puts us where we're really going to be when the weather dries we will be busy trying to catch up trying to put them in place and then handling other services coming in at that time," said Rodrigue.

A scenario that adds yet another weight to those already burdened with the difficult task of having to say goodbye.

"It's a piece of mind actually your loved one will be taken care of," said Rodrigue.

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