French Settlement residents take flood in stride

FRENCH SETTLEMENT, LA (WAFB) - Livingston Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness officials reported on Monday that a couple of roads near French Settlement were still closed due to high water.  La Louisiane was still shut down when 9News crews arrived in French Settlement.

"We've locked all the vehicles that are on the open road and parked over here for the people who live back here," says French Settlement Police Chief Harry Brignac.  The chief agrees that some of the residents are getting frustrated. "I'm pretty sure they are [frustrated]. They just got through dealing with hurricane Isaac and now they're dealing with this. Yes they are getting frustrated."

But other residents choose to look at things differently. "Some people get frustrated," says resident Don Arrington. "But what I keep telling people it beats the hell out of Hurricane Isaac. I mean at least were not doing this in 70 mile per hour sustained winds and trees blowing over, no power, no electricity, and no television. So I'll take a nice slow motion flood like this anytime."

Jim Templet owns a marina which is flooded. Ducks swim in his back yard and the water is lapping up to his back door. "A little concern we've been watching it come up over the past two days it's risen slowly with water north of us cresting. We're hoping that it will maintain this level and not come up much further. And in the next few days go ahead and get out of here," said Templet.

Weather forecasters however are calling for more rain in the coming week.

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