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Falcons tickets, merchandise selling like crazy


Tickets for Sunday's NFC Championship went on sale Monday morning and it took less than 15 minutes to sell out the Georgia Dome.

That doesn't mean you can't get a hold of some though. A lot tickets have made their way to the secondary market. Places like Empire Tickets have regulars who turn to them when they can't use or don't want their season tickets.

Ian Cannell is the sales manager at Empire Tickets.

"The Falcons are hot. It's the NFC Championship. Win one more game and you go to Super Bowl. The demand is going to be high," said Cannell.

High demand will likely mean higher prices.

"If they're hot they're going to go way up. If supply does not keep up with demand then come this weekend they could be $100 or $200 more than they are now," said Cannell.

Falcons' merchandise is also hot right now, especially on game days.

"It was crazy. Customers with jerseys on were coming in and buying jerseys," said one of the workers at Sports Authority.

As for the one hot item, Sports Authority Store Manager Dana Joiner said there isn't one.

"Everything. Hats, beanies, sweatshirts and jerseys of course. Julio is a favorite and Tony is a favorite with this likely being his last season," said Joiner.

And with the sales some retail outlets have been seeing, the stores might be cheering louder than most fans.

"It's been tremendous. I'm very excited about our logo apparel and its mainly in part to the Falcons. Go Falcons and keep pushing sales in the stores," said Joiner.

If the Falcons win on Sunday, stores said they expect another huge spike in sales as they head into the Super Bowl.

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