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Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez talks playoff win and Super Bowl dream


Falcons fever is running high after the win against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. And maybe none more so than for tight end Tony Gonzalez. In his 16 years playing, he now has a first playoff game win under his belt.

"I've never cried after a win or a loss, well I've cried over a loss, but I've never cried after a win because I thought it was over because I've been doing it 16 years. Six playoff games and here we go again," Gonzalez said after the game. 

That outcome changed in the last 31 seconds of the game, with a quick throw by Matt Ryan to Harry Douglas, then another to Gonzalez to place the team within field goal range, and ultimately the win.

"It's probably the best catch I've ever had, even though it was one of the easiest too because he put it right at my chest. But obviously it's the most important catch I've had in my life, and I'll never forget it," Gonzalez said.

The victory brings the Atlanta Falcons one step closer to making it to the Super Bowl, a goal Gonzalez hopes to complete before retirement, which could come at the end of this season. 

"That's the only thing that's really left for me and that's the reason I keep coming back because obviously maybe I would've retired a couple years ago if I had gotten one already," Gonzalez said. 

Number 88 felt he came close his first season in the NFL, when his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs had a 13-3 season. Gonzalez said he appreciates the journey that took him to his first play-off win.

"I think it's made me somewhat of a better person because you realize the work and the effort that goes into it and the time and commitment away from your family, all that other stuff and it's all chasing that one goal," Gonzalez said.

Now with his best personal season yet with the Falcons, the tight end wants it will be the best season for the team as a whole.

"When it comes to a team goal, it's about going to the Super Bowl and winning and it's something that most players don't get a chance to do. So when you do get that opportunity when you're in a position like we're in now you, savor it and you don't want it to slip away," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says he is 95 percent sure he'll retire at the end of this season. 

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