More strong storms rumble through S. Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Another wave of rough weather unloaded on Southeastern Louisiana on Sunday. High winds joined the mix in Zachary, where several trees were snapped and knocked over causing damage to homes and businesses.

"We had some heavy winds and a lot of rain. We had a few trees down on the main highway and some of the subdivisions they reported fences knocked down and shingles off the roof but other than that there wasn't a whole lot of significant damage reported," said Assistant Deputy chief Chris Lawton of the Zachary Fire Department.

There was much more significant damage in the Slaughter area where high winds came through and ripped the roof off Stacey Spears trailer.

"It was high winds and it was loud," said Henry Watson.

Watson was in the trailer with his children when the heavy winds arrived. He says his main priority was making sure everyone was accounted for during the ten to fifteen minutes the heaviest of winds pounded outside.

"I ran in and ran into room to grab them and they all ran in the back room with me and I woke my girl she was asleep and she got up and jumped in some clothes but everything and calmed down then," added Watson.

A tarp now remains where the roof once sat and there is no longer glass in the back window. Watson isn't sure how much more damage the daylight will reveal but he is certain his family won't be here much longer.

"Got to leave from here, it's an old trailer like I said it was a family thing but now it's time for us to go," said Watson.

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