Livingston residents brace for continued flooding

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - For the first time, in what seems like quite a while, the rain stopped and the sun was out Saturday, and some folks in the southern parts of Livingston Parish say they were happy about this.

Water over streets and cars parked on higher grounds were just some of the sights around the southern part of the Livingston Parish Saturday.

"The river rose up pretty quickly the last few days. Really most people were pretty comfortable until yesterday when that rain hit and it just wouldn't leave," said Brian Drury, Fire Chief of Livingston Parish Fire Protection District 2.

That rainfall that did not seem to go away for four days straight caused the Tickfaw River to rise two and a half feet above normal levels. Home and camp owners hope rain that could come later this weekend does not affect river levels anymore--especially people who are still cleaning up from Hurricane Isaac.

"We're in the middle of repairs, so this is really a setback," said Al Phillips, a camp owner. "You know, if it gets in the main part of the house it will be a setback. We'll have to do some more repairing."

The parish office of emergency preparedness says dozens of roads are opening back up in northern parts and additional rainfall is not expected to many problems in the parish overall, but those down south near the Tickfaw River, are praying for little to no rain at all.

"I'm hoping that it's already crested. And if it has, that's going to be an advantage for us because that would mean the waters from up north have already gotten here. That give us a little cushion as long as the southeast wind doesn't keep blowing too long," said Drury.

"We knew it was coming whenever we purchased out here. It's worth it being out in the land and with the Cyprus trees and the water and the lakes. We're used to it out here," said Phillips. "You got to be prepared."

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