Residents relieved after drainage pumps in Ascension Parish turned on

Bayou Goudine flooding yards near Hwy. 74
Bayou Goudine flooding yards near Hwy. 74
Water drains at the Sorrento pumping station
Water drains at the Sorrento pumping station
The Ascension Parish pumping station in Sorrento
The Ascension Parish pumping station in Sorrento

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Residents in Ascension Parish got a huge relief in the form of drainage.

The control center is working day in and day out, pumping water out and away from homes.

These homes in Babin Cove subdivision back up to Bayou Goudine. But right now you can't tell where the canal ends, unless you live there and you've got a fence line like Christina Eley.

"There's actually a little river back there and it's separated into a pond so it's not one body of water like that," Eley said.

She and her two year old are finally getting a break from days of cabin fever.

"It's hard for him and we have a dog we can't let out, really inconvenient to have our yard flooded," Eley said.

But Eley said she is seeing an improvement.

"It's drained a lot. It was passed the fence so it's gone back several feet," Eley said.

Residents who live near Bayou Goudine said they're used to the water coming up when it rains but it never fills their back yards. One resident said it came up halfway to her front door. But in less than 24 hours the water went back to where it is typically.

Ascension Parish Drainage Director Bill Roux said there's a reason for that.

"We have all five pumps running and all five have been running since Tuesday night at about 10pm," Roux said.

Roux is referring to the round the clock operation at the drainage control complex in Sorrento. It pumps 2.24 million gallons of water a minute from the parish.

"We close the floodgates to keep the backwater from the Amite River filling in our basin," Roux said.

All of that water has to be pumped out, even after the rain stops.

"As long as that water is going down there we've got to keep pumping it because the gates are closed. We'll run those pumps for about another four or five days with no rain," Roux said.

That's good news for residents like Eley who live in neighborhoods several miles away.

"It makes us feel a lot better about the water not coming up too close to the house," Eley said.

Roux added, a sixth pump will be working at the pumping station in three months.

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