Possible tornado damages plant

PLAQUEMINE, LA (WAFB) - A security camera caught terrifying moments of what looks like a tornado at a plant in southeast Louisiana.

It happened at SNF FLOPAM in Plaquemine Thursday morning and left workers fearing for their lives.

What appears to be a tornado can be seen making its way through the plant.

The storm ripped off paneling on one building and caused an office to cave in.

"The plant held up really well," said manager Paul West. "We were really fortunate no one was injured and no chemical releases and no major damage."

"The door flew open and then from there, everything started flying out the building," added shift supervisor Mitchell Davis. "Ceiling tiles coming down and it sounded like a train outside."

Workers said the tornado passed through in what they estimated to be less than five seconds.

They added it was about 50 yards wide.

It has not officially been confirmed the damage was caused by a tornado.

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