Flooding has Geismar residents concerned

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - Some Geismar residents were worried they wouldn't be able to get out of their driveways Thursday morning.

"Water's coming pretty high," said Larrice Hertzell.

"It's got a lot of water," said Aubrey Barnes. "I hope it goes down soon."

It's a waiting game for Hertzell and Barnes, who live off the Kling Rd. Extension.

"Last night it was a little bit further up than what it is now and it was all the way up to my driveway," said Hertzell.

A solar-powered snowman marks the water levels in their neighbor's driveway.  Hertzell says the water has receded on the roadway but the lake that's growing in her front yard has her a bit concerned.

"Eight years ago we were had a trailer and it looked like we were sitting in a houseboat at that time, really," said Hertzell

Barnes says he's learned a rainstorm doesn't necessarily need a name to make a dent.

"All you need is an event like this, a lot of rain in a short period of time," said Barnes.

Believe it or not, they call this an improvement.
"It was better from last night than yesterday afternoon yeah, definitely better," said Barnes.

It's not too comforting when you're looking at looking at a lake that used to be a yard, but good news has spread fast in these parts.

"The pumps. I love it when they turn them on," said Barnes. "I heard it was expensive to run them but that's what they're there for, to get the water down."

Ascension Parish leaders gave orders to run the drainage pumps in Sorrento, which residents say has made a noticeable difference.

Hertzell hopes the progress continues.

"I hope the pumps can keep up, out my front door," she laughs.

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