Livingston OEP plans to open center for victims of flooding

Larry Drive in Denham Springs, LA
Larry Drive in Denham Springs, LA
Denham Springs, LA
Denham Springs, LA

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - According to the Director of Livingston Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, plans are in the works for a center to help those who are being rescued from their homes in Livingston Parish. This center could house residents until the flood waters recede.

The swollen Tickfaw River is making its way across roads and taking some homes hostage and flooding yards.

The new path for the river has taken some by surprise. "Two families, one had a six month old child. They just didn't think the water was coming up. [I've] never seen it this high," said Mark Harrell, Director of OEP.

Harrell and the Sheriff's Department got Hummers to make rescues, but even those vehicles were not match for that the Tickfaw River did to some roads.

"They're saying they can't drive through it with the Hummer, it'll go under. So they stopped, backed up and got boats in here," said Harrell.

Crews are making their way down about 50 roads, multiple times to see if anyone needs a ride out.

While some are trying to make the best of it, like one man who pulled out his canoe, neighbor Bobby Taylor is looking for answers. "We try to get somebody out here help us find out where water's coming from this quick," said Taylor.

Taylor says the water in his and his neighbor's homes is from a creek behind his house. While he believes the problem is drainage related, others say it is a result of the parish cleaning out a nearby creek; allowing the water to rush through.

For now, Taylor's neighbors are left standing on their steps, watching and hoping the water doesn't continue to rise.

"I got a few sandbags left from last time; put some in some crucial spots. But all I'm asking is someone come out and help us cure the problem," said Taylor.

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