Residents dealing with flooding in Livingston

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - More rain on the way isn't the relief some in Livingston Parish were hoping fore after getting several inches of water in their yards.

Residents say clogged canals and full ditches are keeping the water from draining off.

Some say it's a problem they deal with every time it rains.  Other say for them, the backup is something they've never had to deal with before.

"Just about every time it rains we get sandbags out keep it from coming in house," said Jackie Boswell.

Boswell says for 40 years, her subdivision in Walker has lived up to its name.

"This is Lakeview Acres - they named it right...Lakeview Acres," laughs Boswell.

Peeking out the window to find a flooded front yard is nothing new, just a problem she and her neighbors have tried to get fixed for years.

"It has no way to get better unless they dig ditches out again," Boswell explained.

Over near Buddy Ellis Rd., wading in the water is a fairly new problem for Howard Owens.

"We get three or four inches...yeah, it'll be level to step," said Owens, looking out at his yard.

The Dept. of Public Works says they've put out 50 "High Water" signs and barricades around the parish.  They'll be working with a skeleton crew Wednesday night to monitor things.

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