Flooding causes major issues in Ascension Parish

Flooding is causing problems for some trying to get into the Gonzales City Hall.
Flooding is causing problems for some trying to get into the Gonzales City Hall.

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - Ascension Parish was one of the areas experiencing major flooding problems due to the heavy rains being dumped on southeast Louisiana.

It's one thing to see flood waters rise in low-lying communities, but when it strikes area normally high and dry during heavy rains, then it can be a bit scary. People in Gonzales spent part of Wednesday scrambling to protect their homes from more of the same.

It's not that they haven't seen heavy downpours before, but it's pretty unnerving when it floods the front yard.

"This is the second highest it's been and I've been here in 13 years," said Hugh Ambeau. "The first time with the storm it went in the house."

He is still making repairs to his home from flooding caused by Hurricane Isaac. Not even six months later, he's once again living on his own little island off South Irma Street. The intersection just behind his house can't even be seen.

Percy Perck with the Gonzales Wastewater Department spent the day driving around assessing the backups caused by the storm.

"We can't pump it out in the street that's for sure," Perck said. "So, we just tell them to be patient and the pumps will catch up sooner or later."

The city hall saw its share of flooding also. The front parking lot was impassable.

"I always say it looks like our own Lake Pontchartrain when we walk over here," said Mayor Barney Arceneaux.

He said he's used to it. City hall remained open, but it was quite a sight to witness for some.

"I'm from California," said Dwayne Keye. "And, I thought we had strange weather."

Keye tried to use his bicycle to get around, but that idea proved problematic.

"I just went through the water over there and got overwhelmed. The water started coming up to the bike," he added.

Area businesses faced similar issues.

"We're building a wall around the office from the flood Isaac just put down on us," said Don Deleone. "Now, this water is six inches away from coming in the building before they're done."

Ascension Parish and community leaders are distributing sandbags, but that's little comfort to residents who know more rain is forecast in the near future.

"It's about three feet from my backyard and as soon as it gets in the backyard, it'll be another inch and it's coming in my doors," explained David Zemke.

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