Local residents react to Sen. Reid's comments

Sen. Harry Reid
Sen. Harry Reid

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Local reaction to Senator Harry Reid's comments continued to roll in on Monday.

"Think a little more before you speak, they teach you that in Kindergarten," said St. Francisville resident Jennifer McNeal.

Whether he thought it through or not, Reid's words are still ringing loudly across the state.

"The people of New Orleans and that area were hurt. But nothing in comparison to what happened to the people of New Jersey and New York," said Reid on Friday.

The comparison of the two disasters doesn't sit well with McNeal. More than 1,800 people lost their lives during Katrina and 120 died in connection with Sandy, but McNeal believes it's unnecessary to try and put a measure on human suffering.

"I don't understand the comparison, it would be like me trying to compare a death in my family to a death in her family or your family. It's a tragedy either way and it shouldn't be compared one to the other," said McNeal.

State Senator Danny Martiny goes a step further and believes the message was something he has come to expect from Reid.

"When you go to football games up there and they tell you that you should have drowned you hear a lot of stupidity. You just hope you don't hear it out of our nation's leaders and unfortunately with Harry Reid that's what you get," said Martiny.

Reid has since addressed his comments and stated on Monday that he simply misspoke but according to former New Orleans resident Wendell Lewis there would be no need for retraction if Reid just chose his words more carefully.

"I lost a grandmother in Hurricane Katrina so for him to say that it's very insulting, very insulting but I don't hold grudges just watch what you say next time," said Lewis.

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