Company using explosions to explore for oil

Truck monitoring explosions
Truck monitoring explosions
Inside the truck
Inside the truck
Sandy Taylor, resident in Colyell
Sandy Taylor, resident in Colyell

LIVINGSTON PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Homeowners in parts of Livingston Parish are dealing with big bangs and ground shaking tremors.

The activity stems from an oil exploration project going on in the center of the parish.

Residents are hopeful the nuisance will benefit them.

Sandy Taylor is a what you might call a long-lifer. She has been living in Colyell for more than 50 years. She described it as peaceful, quiet. But, lately, she said things have changed.

"They been blasting through here. Sometimes it gets pretty loud," Taylor said.

Taylor is one of hundreds of Livingston Parish homeowners who got a letter from Pinnacle Leasing letting them know a company called Strand Energy would be testing their properties for minerals. But there was no mention of noise.

"It's like fireworks going off but a couple of times it did shake, vibrate stuff around," Taylor said.

A quality control consultant on the site, Charlie Murrell, explained.

"They're hearing a noise because we came through here and we drilled holes and they're shooting these holes and it vibrates the ground and the sound travels a mile or two," Murrell said.

Murrell said around 50 or 60 men are testing properties. A small trailer serves as a recording studio for long lines of cable and powerful dynamite that is being used to explore underground.

"The energy is coming up and it shakes the ground a little bit and it makes that noise," Murrell said.

It registers on an encoder and a man inside analyzes the activity. A large red dot illustrates the blast at an exact location.

Taylor and her neighbors hope the slight disruption will work in their favor.

"Maybe we'll get some oil and the gas prices will go down and maybe we can make a little extra money here," Taylor said.

The exploration project is set to be finished in a couple of weeks.

The results are expected in six months.

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