Off-duty firefighter helps save woman from burning car

Source: St. George Fire Protection District Facebook page
Source: St. George Fire Protection District Facebook page

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An off-duty St. George firefighter is being commended along with several other civil service employees, for stepping in to help after a car collided with an 18-wheeler and caught fire Wednesday morning.

The St. George Fire Protection District said Jonathan Dixon was on his way home around 7 a.m. when he happened upon the crash.

"One of the state troopers had shown up and him and the Baton Rouge cop assisted me in breaking the passenger window where we unlocked it and another trooper was on the driver side pushing her because her legs were stuck underneath the dash and at that time we noticed the glow from the fire and with assistance from them, we got her out and we laid her on the road and got her to a safe place," said Dixon.

State Trooper Chase Huval was also among those who happened to be passing by the scene when he jumped into action and added that less than 20 seconds after the men pulled the woman to safety, the inside of the car exploded into flames.

Eldon Ledoux with SGFPD said the pair rescued the driver and gave her basic medical care until the ambulance made it to the scene.

He said the woman was not seriously injured in the wreck.

The district expressed how it is proud of Dixon and proud he is a part of its team.

Ledoux added Dixon was on his way home after working a 24-hour shift.

"I think any police officer would have done the same thing. Any State Trooper would have done the same thing and I think any fireman not just my coworkers, any fireman out there would do the exact same thing," added Dixon.

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