New laws go into effect Jan. 1


Several laws passed in the last regular session of the Louisiana Legislature take effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

Below is a list of the laws and a brief description of each. Read the laws in their entirety HERE.


House Bill 969, Act. 25

TAX/TAX REBATES: Authorizes a rebate for taxpayers who donate to certain school tuition organizations.


House Bill 663, Act. 98

CEMETERIES: Makes various changes to the provisions governing cemetery authorities and merchandise trust funds.


House Bill 161, Act. 176

EMBALMERS/FUNERAL DIRECT: Establishes a continuing education program for embalmers and funeral director.


House Bill 989, Act 217

INSURANCE/HEALTH: Provides for release of certain group information to the group policyholder or his agent prior to renewal of a group policy.


House Bill 466, Act 258

PROPERTY: Provides for revision of Civil Code articles relative to the rent of lands and annuities.


House Bill 1020, Act 238

ELECTIONS/BOND & TAX: Requires, for certain elections, that notice to the public be given and records be kept relating to the remittance of portions of tax collections to specified retirement systems in accordance with law.


House Bill 1145, Act 290

CIVIL/PROCEDURE:  Provides with respect to notice of appeals.


Senate Bill 746, Act 476

LIMIT LIABILITY COMPANY: Provides relative to the manner of converting the state of organization of domestic and foreign limited liability companies.


House Bill 1064, Act 515

RETIREMENT/DISTRICT ATTY: Provides relative to the District Attorneys' Retirement System.


House Bill 1202, Act 523

RETIREMENT/DISTRICT ATTY: Relative to the District Attorneys' Retirement System.


Senate Bill 107, Act 533

VOTERS/VOTING: Provides for consistency of presentation of political party affiliations on voter identification cards, notices of candidacy, voter registration cards and precinct registers.


House Bill 141, Act 574

ETHICS/FINANCIAL DISCLOS: Provides relative to deadlines and time periods for certain filings and notices relative to financial disclosure statements.


House Bill 209, Act 577

ELECTION CODE: Provides relative to hours polls are required to be open on election day.


House Bill 861, Act 599

CHILD DAY CARE: Provides relative to penalties imposed on child care facilities and child-placing agencies which violate terms of licensure and individuals or entities that operate without or in violation of a license.


Senate Bill 633, Act 677

CRIME/PUNISHMENT: Provides for the crime of unauthorized use of supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits and penalties.


Senate Bill 753, Act 693

CRIME/PUNISHMENT: Provides relative to the unlawful presence of certain sex offenders in or around public libraries.


House Bill 365, Act 707

ELECTIONS/CANDIDATES: Requires candidates for certain offices to receive certify receipt of ethics education and training within three days of qualifying.


Senate Bill 88, Act 725

ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE: Requires state agencies to provide notice upon submission of certain reports to the legislature.)


House Bill 711, Act 758

ELECTIONS/CANDIDATES: Provides for the requirements of the notice of candidacy by additionally requiring a candidate for major or district office to certify that he has filed any campaign finance reports previously due and provides for the filing of vacancies on parish executive committees.


House Bill 1105, Act 820

DISTRICTS/RECREATION: Provides relative to recreational districts located in certain parishes.


House Bill 1192, Act 829

NOTARIES: Provides with respect to notaries.


House Bill 1196, Act 830

INSURANCE/HEALTH: Provides relative to continuation of coverage for spouses and dependents.


Senate Bill 595, Act 835

PUBLIC RECORDS: Creates the "Business Identity Theft Prevention Act."


Senate Bill 750, Act 854

ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE: Requires the consideration of certain poverty impact issues and issuance of a poverty impact statement prior to the adoption, amendment, or repeal of rules by a state agency.


House Bill 674, Act 871

(Constitutional Amendment) Authorizes the granting of ad valorem tax exemption contracts by the Board of Commerce and Industry for certain businesses

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