Centreville residents prepare to rebuild after tornado

CENTREVILLE, MS (WAFB) - Shattered pieces are what remain after high winds dropped a huge tree on the house Dorothy Dixon has called home for 50 years. Dorothy's shock is coupled with relief, thankful that neither she nor her family members were nearby when the storm ripped through Centreville, Mississippi.

"My son's guitar is hanging and if he would have been here he would have been on bed playing his guitar," said Dixon.

Chris Bannan of the National Weather Service surveys the path of destruction in Amite County and is convinced it's the work of what he believes was at least an F-1 possibly an F-2 tornado.

Across the county line in Wilkinson, John Templeton is already in clean-up mode just hours after his property was ravaged by the tornado.

"The power company is working on all the lines. That's all we can do," said Templeton.

The damage from the tornado in Centreville is unmistakable but for Bannan and others who analyze these storms, it's how the public heeded the warnings that made all the difference.

"So far we're finding people are getting their information and getting it a lot of different ways," said Bannan. "Right now we are only seeing one injury and people actually took precautions and got into closets and center parts of their house which is very positive from an aspect that we want to look at storm safety."

Looking at the bright side is something Dorothy is doing as well, despite knowing she has to rebuild from scratch.

"It's going to take a while to clean all this up. It's going to be hard but we can do it," said Dixon.

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