NWS confirms tornado touched down in Centreville

CENTREVILLE, MS (WAFB) - The National Weather Service has just confirmed a tornado touched down in Centreville, MS.

A survey crew from NWS inspected the damage Wednesday morning and determined it was caused by tornadic winds.

Another inspector with the weather service found damage in Zachary was caused by straight-line winds.

Many people in the town suspected the destruction was the result of a tornado. One of those is John Templeton. He explained how quickly it happened.

"It didn't take but 10 seconds and it was over with," said Templeton.

Templeton said his family had a firsthand encounter with the tornado shortly after 2 p.m.

"The wind started blowing and we went in the basement. It knocked the tree over on the back of the house and it was gone," Templeton explained.

His house was ripped apart by the tree that sat in his front yard for more than 40 years.

More details to come later in the day.

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